Senior Staff Expert, Fire and Explosion Analyst

Fire Investigator - Richard Meier

richard Meier

Fire Investigator – Senior Staff Expert

An experienced fire and explosion investigator, has investigated a wide range of incidents: simple dryer fires to $100 million losses.  He has investigated structure, vehicle, and industrial fires and explosions from Miami Beach to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

RIChard Meier

Richard’s engineering & manufacturing background gives him an advantage in fire investigation. While many are still scratching their heads and asking, “What is it?” Richard is already determining how it works, how it’s made, and if it has any bearing on the case.

Richard Meier

Richard serves on several fire investigations related codes & standards committees.  He is a member of the NFPA 1033 committee on fire investigator qualifications, a member of the ASTM 05 committee on fire testing standards, and a member of the ABYC subcommittee on marine 3-phase power systems. 

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Richard J. Meier has been a staff expert with John A. Kennedy and Associates, Inc. since October, 2011. He currently holds a number of national and international professional certifications including: Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator and Certified Fire Investigation Instructor. Richard completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1995.

Prior to his start with John A. Kennedy and Associates, Inc., Rich  spent 24 years as a mechanical and manufacturing engineer designing and building a diverse range of products and equipment. During this time, he gained broad and diverse knowledge in plastics, metals, mechanical and electrical systems, hydraulic and fuel systems, marine, automotive and industrial systems.

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