Fire Investigation Research

Fire Research

leading Fire Investigation Conferences

Just investigating isn’t enough.  Our intellectual curiosity and passion for fire science enhances every case.   There are 3 major international Fire Investigation Conferences: ISFI, Fire & Materials, & Interflam. – our experts have presented at all of them. 

Fire Alarm Research

Smoke Alarm Research

Did you know that we can often tell from the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE if a smoke alarm went off during a fire?  We also maintain an extensive library of exemplar smoke detectors making unit identification easier.  See our research on this subject presented at Interflam 2008.  Download Paper
Poster  Full Paper

Fire Investigation Research - Light Bulbs

NEw TECH Changes INvestigations

As technology changes, so should fire investigation methods.  We’re testing new materials just to see how they burn.  Did you know that new compact fluorescent bulbs can change to outcome of a fire investigation?  Read more...

Temperature v. Heat: What’s the difference?

Does your Fire Investigator know the difference between temperature and heat? What about your opponents? At Kennedy & Associates, We KNOW.  We fully understand fire, flame & heat and the underlying physics.

Many Fire Investigators lack a deeper scientific knowledge of even the most fundamental concepts in Fire Science.   Before you hire an expert ask them...

1. Explain the difference between temperature and heat...
2. What is absolute temperature?
3. What is the technical definition of fire?

Read our research papers on heat, energy and its measurement, presented at ISFI 2012. 

Thermometry Research

Thermometry Paper
Download PDF: Thermometry in Fire
Investigation and Analysis
USFA Burn Patterns Report

BUild it Just to watch it burn

Full Scale Burn TESTS

We study burn patterns by building whole structures, letting them burn and studying what’s left.  Read what we learned. 
P.S.  If your case needs a full-scale burn – we can do that for you. 

Fire Patterns Research

FIRE Patterns Research

Patterns - what do they mean?

A fire investigator has to be able to recognize and interpret Fire Patterns.  Investigators trained at Kennedy & Associates have a distinct edge -- We were the first to use them, test them & no one knows more about patterns than us. Read Full Paper

NFPA 921 & the Law

Understanding NFPA 921

There’s never been a more controversial document in fire investigation.  We think its much ado about nothing.  Read all about the common myths and misunderstandings of NFPA 921 from a company that’s been there from the beginning.  Read Full Paper

Pioneer Hotel Photo Credit Fred Burns
Photo Credit: Fred Burns

UNdoing BAd Investigations

Wrongful convictions.  Our work for clients has uncovered misconduct in a major US fire department leading to a federal investigation. We are asked frequently asked to review historic cases against new fire investigation science.    Read a historic case.

Paints, Solvents & Chemicals

Just because the labels says non-flammable doesn’t mean it won’t burn,  We’ve done the research & testing, your case benefits.

You need an expert that understands how these products are tested, how labels & warnings are written and what manufacturers do to bend the rules to their advantage. 

Read our research on flashpoint flammability testing, the outgassing phenomena,  and our novel approach to finding the real fire dangers of consumer paints, strippers, solvents and glue. 

We can help you &  your client make a case against an unsafe product – from testing to testimony, label to liability.