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The tradition continues with Meier Fire Investigation. Richard Meier was trained by Patrick Kennedy and in 2017 licensed the name John A. Kennedy & Associates.

3 Generations of Fire Investigators
Patrick Kennedy 1947-2017,
Richard Meier, Meier Fire Investigation,
John A. Kennedy, 1917 to 2016.

Need a Fire & Explosion Investigator?

May we suggest Meier Fire Investigation. Richard Meier was trained by Patrick Kennedy and carries on the family tradition for science based fire and explosion investigation.

Meier Fire Investigation

Fire Investigation - Explosion Investigation

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Fire and explosion investgation


Whether it’s a kitchen fire across the street, or a refinery explosion around the world, the experts from Kennedy and Associates are ready to hit the ground running.  Packing the truck or boarding a plane makes no difference to us.  When you need us; we’ll be there with the know-how & equipment to get the job done.

Fire and Explosion Analysis


Exactly what happened?  How did it happen?  Why did it happen?  Is someone responsible?  Answers you need.   Getting them requires in-depth inspections, testing, failure analysis and code research.  Our laboratories, library, and research facilities surpass those of many of the big companies.  We do it all.

Fire Expert Witness


What is the light at the end of the tunnel?  Many Fire Investigators don’t understand what you, the client, need most.  You need experts who explain your case in a way anyone can understand it.  We’ll give you expert reports & exhibits that get the point across.  You’ll get testimony that hits the mark.

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Full Service Fire & Explosion Investigations

Richard Meier Fire Investigator

Services Offered

Fire Investigation
Explosion Investigation
Fire Claim Defense
Insurance Fire Investigations
Residential fires
Commercial Fires
Vehicle Fires
Boat & Marine Fires

Scene Inspections
Laboratory Examinations
Scene Photography & Documentation
Fire Case Evaluation
Expert Testimony
Evidence Storage
Fire Code Research
Witness Interviews

Beyond Cause & Origin...

Fire Litigation is specialized and complex.
We know – we pioneered it.
Fire Expert Plaintiff


It isn’t enough to allege origin, cause & responsibility,  your expert has to prove it using the latest science. We can assist you through all stages your  litigation.

Defense Fire Experts


Your client isn’t automatically responsible just because something bad happened. We’ll help you & your clients get an accurate picture of what happened, craft an effective defense and protect their good name.

Industrial Fire Accident Experts


We help manufacturers investigate fire risks in their facilities, in their products and in distribution channels. With a professional background in Manufacturing, Rich Meier has an insider's eye to the challenges facing industry.

Fire Subrogation Expert


Accurate origin and cause determinations help you assign responsibility.  Our work for insurance companies has resulted in 100’s of millions of dollars in recouped losses for insurance companies.

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